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Effingham Country Club Practice Facilites

The Effingham Country Club offers a wide variety of opportunities to test and improve your golfing skills.

Hours Available to Work on Your Game

Monday Closed all day before Memorial Day & After Labor Day
Noon - 5pm

Back Tee (North End) usage Only!
Tuesday South Tee
7:30am - 3pm
Main Tee Line Mat
3pm - Sunset 
Wednesday South Tee
7:30am - 3pm 
Main Tee Line Mat
3pm - Sunset 
Thursday South Tee
7:30am - Sunset
Grass All Day
Friday South Tee
7:30am - Sunset
Main Tee Line Mat Only
Saturday South Tee
6:30am - Sunset
Grass All Day
Sunday South Tee
6:30am - 5pm
**Range will close at 5pm for clean picking.

If inclement weather is a factor, please call the Golf Shop to know Range Usage.

Practice Area Etiquette

  • Practice with Purpose
  • Spread Divots out on the tee. Do not take out complete areas of turf
  • Do not aim or hit towards Neighbors Homes. Privileges will be revoked
  • Hit between tee markers. Do not move markers
  • Please use back range for wedge practice sessions
  • Do not chip onto Putting Green

Krouse Pro Shop

We carry a significant amount of product by each vendor, so you will be able to hit and be fit to your favorite woods and irons using the Flightscope launch monitor or during your round of golf. However, the demo days do offer a wider range of products that will enhance the fitting process, so if you are able please make an appointment and attend the demo day of the manufacturer of your choosing. If you have any questions, as always please call or stop by the golf shop.

2020 Demo Days at ECC

Thursday, April 16th
11 am – 4 pm

Thursday, April
2 pm - 6 pm

Thursday, April 23rd
11am – 4 pm

Thursday, April 23rd
11 am – 2 pm
Thursday, May 14th
12pm – 6pm