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Lesson Pricing

One 40 minute lesson - $50
Three 40 minute lessons - $125
Four Lessons and a 6 hole playing lesson - $200
6 hole playing lesson - $75

Lessons Utilize the Following Technology

FlightScope® introduced the world’s first-ever 3D Doppler Tracking Golf Radar, a state-of-the-art, portable indoor-outdoor 3D ball-flight and club tracking device, with capabilities far beyond traditional launch monitor technology. Compared to launch monitor technology, FlightScope provides accurate, reliable and user-friendly results. FlightScope 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology is unaffected by sunlight or weather conditions like rain, fog, humidity, air pressure or temperature. FlightScope can measure any golf ball, every time without having to mark the ball with complex lines that smudge. Compared to launch monitors, FlightScope is simple and quick to set up and measures golf shots every time. FlightScope is used for golf instruction, swing analysis, club fitting and club recommendation in golf retail stores around the world. FlightScope also is used as a golf training aid and for personal practice by tour professionals and amateur golfers alike. 
Sportsbox AI is a market leader in marker-less motion capture technology.  By taking a slo-mo face on video of your golf swing, we can show you exactly how you move in your golf swing.  For example, we can quantify how much you rotate or sway in your swing so we can help you swing more efficiently.   
BodiTrak is a pressure mat that we use to show you how you use the ground in the golf swing.  Do you lose balance in your swing?  We can show you why and how to fix it.

Tomi Pro allows instructors to graphically capture and analyze golfers’ putting strokes in real-time. Using a camera, a clip-on sensor, and proprietary software, Tomi uses basic mechanics to measure alignment, rotation, path, loft, impact spot, and tempo. This helps instructors identify any faults in both amateur and pro putting strokes. Tomi’s visual data collection tells the instructor instantly what the students are doing.

This revolutionary system allows for more effective putting instruction.